Cristiano. Surely not?


It’s surely impossible for any United fan not to get excited about the recent rumours of a possible Ronaldo return. These rumours pop up every summer but¬†this year it seems there may be more substance to them. As a result of his recent tax fraud allegations, he is said to be upset and wanting to leave Spain. This is important as if it is true it seems as though he is bound to leave- surely United are favourites. Only a handful of clubs could afford to buy him- mostly being English or Chinese. Both of those are unlikely destinations- he is far too good for the CSL and I doubt he would go to any English club other than United out of loyalty/ wanting to maintain his legendary status. This leaves only United and PSG as viable options. Nobody doubts that CR7 has a special affinity with the Old Trafford crowd and surely he would love to return. Furthermore, with Sir Alex being more involved under Mourinho, this only seems to increase the pull of a move back to Old Trafford.
But do we need him? Yes. 100%. The problem last season was finishing chances, there was countless games where we created so many chances but couldn’t put them away. Ronaldo is arguably the best finisher in world football so he would solve that problem. Practically, with Utd likely to line up 433, Ronaldo would play as a central striker, potentially with Rashford playing as one of the three up top with him. This means the pair could interchange and it would allow more fluidity in our attack which is needed to break down more resolute defences. Ronaldo would likely cost around ¬£130 million, which would be a new world record by a long way, United could without doubt afford this and the marketability of the player would see a large amount of this fee recuperated by Utd. Possibly the only drawback of a deal to bring Ronaldo home would be the short termism- he would give perhaps 3 more years at his best- 40million a season- is this really worth it?

Reality check: As much as us Utd fans may want it to happen, its safe to say it is unlikely. Real will not want to lose their best and most marketable galactico, also the lack of concrete news about this just adds to the uncertainty. There is also the possibility that CR7 is using the allegations as leverage for a new contract or for Real to pay his bill for him. It remains to be seen what will happen, all should come out after the Confederations cup at the end of the month. It’s fun to think it might happen but ultimately it would be silly to get carried away with the rumours. Enjoy it while it lasts and keep your fingers crossed United fans!



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